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PMO Starter Pack

This package provides you with the essentials for a Smartsheet PMO template to streamline collaboration, increase productivity and enable efficient execution of tasks and projects. This package includes the full installation and configuration of your own custom-built template pack including:

Key Stakeholder Interviews and Onboarding Support

  • Ensuring optimal adoption of the solution so you can maximize the impact and drive your performance results across the organization

Project Plan, RAID Log & Health Tracker

  • Enabling your team to more easily and efficiently track their project updates

Project Dashboard

  • Rolling up all the critical information into a central view, empowering you to see project status at a glance and make better decisions faster

Portfolio Dashboard and Reporting

  • Become a more effective leader equipped with the insights you need on which projects need extra support and where to recognize above and beyond performance

Training for the PMO Manager

  • Accelerate their learning and enable them to maintain the solution going forward to create self sustainable benefits

Solution Implementation Done in 4 Weeks

  • Quickly realize the benefits of a PMO and drive value where you need it

Growth Roadmap with ROI Analysis

  • Should you choose to further scale your PMO capabilities and unlock the benefits of automation

Ready to take the first step? Book your free consultation with Paul Koetke!

Service Offerings



Build a robust PMO to maintain operational control while you scale across your portfolio.



Everything from Essentials, plus advanced analytics to enable better decision making.



Everything from Premium, plus the ability to build programs to drive better performance within your portfolio.

Ongoing Support

Your business is growing and evolving, your PMO should to. To ensure you PMO is always reflecting your processes and generating the insights that create your unique business advantage, our team is available to provide ongoing support to keep everything up do date or manage the daily operations.

We will even help you hire and train the right candidate to run your PMO if you don’t yet have the staffing support in place yet.

Learn how you PMO can be transformed. Book your free consultation with Paul Koetke!

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